A Letter to You (Yes YOU!)

I wanted, no I need to take this moment sigh a breath from this craziness lately and share with you all a little about what is going on in my bubble right now; as I said in the last post I’m trying to open up and share more with you all more than just photography – though of course this is related I mean it is my passion and life after all :). 

I hope you all do not feel neglected, it seems we are always given our – I refuse to say burdens or hardships or trials or anything of that sort – but we seem to always be given tests of our strength as well as things to better fortify our being in groupings.  Typically I notice this grouping comes in threes – but this time around they kept piling up – but I am DETERMINED to win over them and not neglect any of you in any way or role you may play whether it be in life or career.

Now the house remodel – has slowed down a bit and is beginning to wrap up for a much, much needed break (on the interior and pockets at least) but cooler weather coming only means that list of tasks will transfer over into a much need overhaul of the landscaping (i.e my most loathed landscaping demon: crabgrass – little buggers never seem to vanish) with some intense physical labor.  Ok so that was to be a standard on the pile, then moving got added into it – and moving (this is the kind of moving that is across town so it is only hours here and there where they can be spared not the kind that gets done in a weekend unfortunately) which has so far mainly been packing boxes and transferring their location – there has not been much unpacking.  Sounds simple enough I know – it’s just across town? It should be a snap! Nope, nope it ain’t (yes ain’t is fitting right now).  Simple would be if that remodeling break had already started but no – my living room is strewn with vintage furniture to reupholster from my grandparents, furniture waiting to be picked up to go to Cali so I can move large furniture in, touch up work after contractors have been in the house which means rearranging anything that is already here – I’m babbling – I think you all get the gist.

I wish it stopped there.  It seems there always has to be a flu or something of the sort that attacks as well albeit. Figures of course I was sick for about two weeks – dr. appointments involved, procedures, blah, blah, blah – who likes talking about medical stuff anyways? Yucky… no thank you.  And then it got better this week.  Now I LOVE my part-time gig – LOVE it! Not many people can say that and I feel blessed – heck I have even written a blog post about it before – on my personal one yes – thought it should have been here but I’m tangenting.  

To fill you all in I babysit or nanny whatever you want to call it – it’s regular and I’m not sixteen so babysit sounds weird to me but hey it’s all good.  So I do this several times a week.  I love kids in general – I mean it’s part of why I do the type of photography that I do – but these two boys I adore and they have amazing parents.  Normally it’s lunch, cartoons, hide-&-seek, squirt guns, etc but this past week was a rough one for the books – I mean nothing could go smoothly.  Lunch was out of the question for the two year old, the word “NO!” had encore after encore, there were 3 timeouts in and hour and a half (I am not exaggerating), toys had to be taken away, and I actually had to explain to a two year old hy smothering his infant brother with a pillow or wrapping a toy string around his neck was not a good or acceptable thing.  I still am in shock I think about that.  The next day was better but out came that string again and when the toy got taken away I’m pretty sure, and still shocked yet again, that the “You B-word!” came out of his little mouth.  I totally forgot about it later but how do you address something like that with the parents?  Any advice I would welcome with open arms – please feel free to comment.

With that said, where do you think my studio space is?                         Yep! You guessed it! It’s. Still. In. Boxes. *sigh*  I miss my little space to work, process things for clients immediately, fulfill orders – I feel like that little golden halo over my workspace hasn’t just tipped ever so slightly but it went crashing down, very loudly clanging, to the floor.  The to-do list has gown to 2-pages even!  I am hoping my great-grandmother’s 90th birthday and seeing family from all over the states, my cousin just back from Afghanistan – that it will all be enough to center me again (mom hugs, grandma hugs – they just kinda make it all better no matter how old you are).  And I am hoping, because I truly am soooo excited to get the studio space backup and functional, that you can all bear with me.  I have not forgotten about any of you and there is so much that I am looking forward to sharing with all of you in the next few days to weeks whether it be portfolio examples for a shoot you’re looking at, an inspiring project I need your help with, or anything new going on here.

So I hope you bear with me through the chaos, it would be much appreciated, 

Peace & Love,

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