An Unexpected New Addition

As most of you all know, for the past year I have been handling the probate after my grandfather’s passing and needless to say it has and continues to be much more work than I probably could have ever anticipated.  Sure makes you grow up reeeeaaaal fast!

So, due to this, I am often out-of-state handling things for this and the trip before last there was much cleaning (much is beyond an understatement), and lots of yard work.  I was lucky enough to have a very gracious mother to take time out of her day to help me then and as we were cleaning out a back area we heard some loud little meows.  Upon further searching we found the tiniest little nugget of a kitten, no bigger than about 3″ and fit in just the palm of my hand, eyes closed, umbilical cord still attached – and later discovered she was probably only about three days old so she would have been born April 5th.

We figured she had the best chance of survival to be taken care of.  There was a rush dash to the pet store for formula and a bottle by my mother while I set up a box with a shirt and heating pad.  We agreed the little one would stay with my mother for two weeks till my next visit out since she needed to be bottle fed every two hours and a long drive back to Vegas at the time was probably not the best thing for her.  My mom was a trooper, waking up in the wee hours of the night and morning to care for her, sending me updates and photos.


When I came back, for my mother’s first art opening (whoohoo!  And she sold the first painting of the night!  She rocks) it was my turn to take over caring duties.  I had no idea what I was in for.  I now totally understand why my friends say they have “baby brain”.  There was only a few hours of sleep every night.

Everyday this little creature amazed me with something new.  At two weeks old she was only 8oz.

It was time to name her.  Seeing as she was found at my grandparents’ home I wanted something to relate to that.  My grandfather also grew up in that house, built by my great-grandfather, a mason and member of the Scottish Rite.  But this little kitten was a girl.  Hmmmm.  Well, my great-grandmother was part of the Order of the Eastern Star and that was where the little one gained her name.

The emblem is a five-pointed star, each represented by a female, one of which being Adah, originally the goddess Luna and with her grey eyes and white crescent on the forehead she became Luna.

I have learned that kittens need to be burped and even have temper tantrums – yep temper tantrums!  When she started growing into her ears, they still went off to the sides and flapped like little bat wings when she sucked on the bottle.  In the dark early morning feedings it reminded me of one of my favorite song lyrics: “You look beautiful just like a bat beneath the moonlight.”

Around the first of May the playing really started, everything needed to be attacked!  Toes, hands, eyes, eyelashes, pillows, and her favorite became the broom! My Jack Russell Page became pseudo mommy – watching out for her every move and soon my first kitty love Noah took on the role of babysitting and cleaning.  So that has been the craziness around here lately and the slowness on editing since she loves to walk across my computer or sleep on my shoulder while I edit so she can attack my ear lobes.

So, of course as a photographer – what do you do when you have a now 5 week old kitten?  A photo shoot of course!  Meet Luna, the unexpected new addition!







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