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About a week and a half ago I had the honor of doing an engagement session for a couple and it was an absolute blast.

From the moment I got my first call from Chris I knew the session for he and Michelle was going to be at the very least: fun.  Chris called me from California where he lives to book an engagement session for himself and his fiance Michelle.  Only later did I learn that Michelle lives in Canada! And they were going to be spending a weekend here in Vegas together.  Now Chris first lit up my excitement when he told me he and Michelle wanted to do an “UP” themed engagement session.  For anyone who is confused he was referring to the 1950’s vintage themed movie with the stubborn elderly gentleman, the overly friendly boy scout, the iconic “squirrel!” dog , and of course those balloons.  Now there was of course not going to be a dog lol.

Chris and I exchanged emails and phone conversations for approximately a month and a half maybe even two months, after he had initially found me on Yelp, going over details, locations, propping, styling, and anything else that was going to help us make the most of their time for their session.  we settled on a location with a more vintage feel to it; The Clark County Heritage Museum (I adore shooting at this place because it has so many wonderful and different aspects to it that I have never had one session even resemble another that was shot there.)

Chris and Michelle gathered propping on their own end: suspenders, printables, and helium balloon kit (oh that was fun lol), and those glasses? Well. those glasses are actually Chris’ normal glasses which I must say were pretty awesome.  I made sure to load up my car with any other vintage inspired propping me might use: luggage, 1940’s picnic basket (yes it’s that old it was my great-grandmother’s), blankets, picnic blanket, and even more.

Now the day of the shoot I met Chris and Michelle at our location and it was the first time I had met them since all of our conversations were via phone or email prior.  They showed up dressed and ready to go! So we gathered up all our propping (to which on our way out some other photographer mockingly asked me if I had enough props so I laughed and told him no there were more in my car! HA! lol just gotta laugh at that stuff)  We picked a shady grassy area to use as our staging point and start with the balloons.  There was only a slight breeze that day (and that was the only day too cause the days prior and immediately following the shoot we had gusts of over 24mph so we totally lucked out!) which still was enjoying manipulating the I think 40+ balloons?  (I popped one in my face forgetting grass blades and balloons don’t mix well)  After the balloons were all blown up we got to the photos!!

Chris and Michelle were an amazing couple to work with; they were charming, always sweet with each other – even when playfully bossing one another around when I would tell one to look at the other or give them direction, humorous, polite, and what overtook me most was that they brought their love for one another with them.  So often I see couples or families wanting to rush to get the session over and they took the session as time to connect with one another and share in the moment – I wish I could have a video of them to show people.  Even when we had finished with the balloons, Michelle had had the thought to take them back to a child they knew I wasn’t the only photographer there that day and one in particular had a toddler session.  Chris and Michelle graciously gave their entire bunch of balloons to the toddler.

Little moments like that made this a beautiful session.  I know Chris and Michelle have enjoyed a year and seven good months together so far and I wish Michelle a smooth transition in her move to California and I wish them both a beautiful marriage with many, many more years of happiness to come!

Here is the beautiful and happy couple:

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