Las Vegas Baby Photographer :: Kaylee 6 months

Can I just say how much I absolutely love what I get to do for a living!  It is such an amazing honor and privilege to not only witness but capture the milestones in people’s lives that are meaningful to them, becoming meaningful to myself as well.

I technically had the privilege of meeting baby Kaylee before she was even born, still growing in mommy Sarah’s tummy when I photographed Sarah and Danny for their maternity session.  A couple that you automatically can’t help but love they are both so sweet, easy to talk to and be around you just immediately click with them and want to hug them when the session is over.

Lol it’s been like that for every session.  If you met them you would totally understand and want to hug them too.  Every session we get caught up talking and laughing like crazy and it was no different for Kaylee’s 6 month session as well.  We all laughed about how at least Danny didn’t get peed on multiple times like at Kaylee’s newborn session ( I think the poor man had to change three times that day! )

And Kaylee was literally the tiniest little baby at just over 5lbs but she was a perfect gem that slept beautifully.  I got to see her again before the holidays and she had plumped up with cute little cheeks you’d want to pinch.  Then I got to see her for her 6 month session and was blown away, in the best possible way!  Sarah and I had been talking, planning the session, and she sent me a photo she took of Kaylee enjoying the sun on the grass and my heart just melted over all that cuteness.  She has the most adorable little baby rolls just like babies are supposed to at that age and the most beautiful blue-grey eyes, and the biggest smile ever!  And Sarah always has her dressed absolutely darling.  When they arrived for the session I noticed she was wearing these cute little black moccasins – totally in style right now.  I didn’t learn until the end of the session that Sarah made them!  YEP!  She is seriously talented!  She even has her own Etsy store called SarahsFlirtyCeation where she has tutus and headbands, hairbow holders, and aprons!  But you can’t help but gush over baby Kaylee and I can completely see why Sarah and Danny’s family are asking when they are going to have another – I mean the two made one freakin’ adorable baby girl!  If you don’t believe me take a peek for yourself.

"six month old photoshoot""six month little girl photoshoot"

And it’s in those moments that I get to edit the session and look at the archives and see how they’ve grown and changed and just be so humbled to get to capture those memories.  Here’s more from Kaylee’s session:



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