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I love moments, the stories they tell, and the sentiment of having something to pass along to future generations.  I guess that's part of why I do what I do.  I love photography because it does all those things, in a million words without having to utter a single one.  It's not just a job for me - it's a connection, a soulful connection.

Perhaps that's why I can recall every name and face and say that in that moment during our session that your parents giggled during their first ever photoshoot at the thought of holding hands again in their seventies, that we laughed about where you got your dance moves from at your wedding (mom - the kickbutt moves definitely came from mom), that during your maternity session you couldn't keep a straight face cause your hubby kept making you laugh, that your child wanted to show her Mickey Mouse stuffie all the plants and trees, or that your newborn liked having the vacuum on to sleep.

And it's those in between moments during your session that get me the most.  When dads are goofy or relax and get cuddly with the kids, definitely the soft mommy moments, the funny faces your kids will make, that big natural laugh, and the genuine love between you. You all have amazing stories to be told and I would love to tell them.  It would be an honor.


You know those moments I was talking about?  Well, I cry at every wedding - grooms' toasts get me everytime - waterproof mascara is my best friend.  I love my furbabies to the end of the world and have given up on lint rollers - you'll see traces of them on my clothes and I don't mind. I love mid-century modern.  Living in my grandparents' ranch home they built when they retired in Vegas in '72.  I have an odd obsessive love for bees - thinking they are probably one of the most amazing creatures; besides narwhals, and have been rescuing them from our pool since I was a child.  Oh and coffee - I pretty much live on it and feel incomplete if I go a day without it.


Monopoly.  I despise Monopoly.  Perhaps I'm just not competitive and ruthless enough for it but dang those hotels. Sharing food.  Call it a leftover trait from being an only child but if another fork breaches the threshold of my plate I feel my muscles tighten involuntarily.  Being out of milk - my coffee needs it's sidekick.


I have an odd talent of being able to sing you all the words to a song (but I won't) and not being able to remember the title or who it's done by for the life of me.  I used to be afraid of birds - having my cat cured me of that.  I originally went to college pre-med as a psych major to be a pathologist.  And I use far too many lol's and smiley faces in correspondences for someone my age - they make me literally smile when I'm typing to you.


We live in an ever-increasingly fast paced world, where we hardly have time to get accustomed to new things before they are obsolte.  With every passing moment, it seems that time itself is accelerating, carrying us onward towards whatever is next.  I think that, at times, we have all wished to be able to slow or stop the progress of time.  I belive this is what brought me to love photography.... with just a snap of my shutter, I can capture a moment in time, and keep it forever.  We can pull moments from time, like memories fromt he Penisieve, and display them in our homes, windows to the past.  We can revel in memories that have blurred around the edges of our minds, yet remain sharp and clear in the retraints of a frame.

I live for the abstract, the details we hadn't noticed or appreciated at the time of their passing, but which in photograph can transport us back tot he moment, and allow us to relive the hope, the joy, the comraderie of days past.  I love to be a fly on the wall, with my camera, capturing life's candid and unscripted moments.  I strive in all my work to capture raw emotion, the essence of the moment.  I want you to be able to view a photograph, and feel exactly how you felt when it was taken.  I want for anyone who views that image to feel that, even if they weren't there at the moment.


I am an unbashed nerd.  I have an obsession with the fantastic and the surreal, and if you want to incorporate something from, say, Harry Potter or Star Wars into your session, you'd probably see me do a little dance.  I love to travel and would love to travel to somewhere new to capture your memories.


Accidently walking through spiderwebs in the dark.  Or in the light.  Or ever.  Chicken that's not boneless.  Cold drinks that get warm before you finish ... And you'll always ave to convince me to learn a new game.  Cards, dice, boardgames, whatever.  For some reason I am opposed to learning all the rules to a new game.


I can't look at our son Sterling without smiling.  I love to tinker with all things mechanical.  Looks can be decieving.  For instance, I might look like a once-upon-a-time US MArine with a perpetually furrowed brow ... but I'm really just a nerd, hopeless romantic, and a goofball.

Life is an awfully big adventure …


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  • Wendy BendellMay 3, 2016 - 9:48 am

    I absolutely love the two of you. I would not have had a complete wedding without you being there. I am so glad that you made it, baby and all??? But WE are unbelievably more grateful than you will ever know or realize for not just being there but for capturing and creating those moments that I will be able to look back on. Thank you so much for giving me the best gift ever. I am so excited and can’t wait to see what magic you created. I love you Cassidy and am grateful for having someone so radiant and special in my life. I hope we can get together and have more moments like this past weekend. (Hint,hint ?)ReplyCancel