Newborn Session FAQs


*Why do you recommend 1-7 days after birth for a newborn session and do you still shoot after this?

The first week is always the ideal week for newborn sessions when babies are little sleepaholics.  They tend to have a growth spurt at about 9-10 days which can make them a little fussier.  We can still schedule the session on those days or after, the session simply may take a little longer.

*How do you go about scheduling newborns?

With newborns, I will automatically set you a tentative session date & time 3-5 days after your expected due date which can be adjusted easily if baby decides to say hello to the world early or if baby decides to hang out in your tummy a little longer.  






*How do I prepare for my newborn session?

  • Make sure baby has been fed 30 minutes before the session, we will start with open-eyed photos and as they get sleepy we will move on to those adorable sleepy poses.
  • If the session is at your home, or anyone’s home for that matter, make sure the thermostat is turned up so baby will feel extra cozy warm.
  • We will shoot in the room with the most natural light close to the source, so please make sure the area is clean and clear. I do not mind helping – just ask and I will arrive 20 minutes early to help move furniture.
  • Baby should only be in a diaper upon arrival so we do not have to disturb baby too much with undressing.
  • Have all items you wish to use in the session out and prepared: blankets, baskets, headbands, hats, etc or something of significance to your family. I will also bring my own based off our planning.
  • If we will be shooting in the nursery please make sure it is tidy.

    *What might I need to know for a newborn session?

  • I will need to arrive around their dreamtime – this schedule can change so pay attention to it and we will pick the sleepy time with the best lighting.
  • I will bring a heating pad, space heater, and/or white noise machine should you not have any of these.
  • I do not always have an assistant around, so I may ask for help – this is a great opportunity for dads to give mom a break and get involved in a special moment.
  • Be prepared for bursts of every kind. Crying may occur; poop, pee, and spit up may go flying and landing onto anything so let’s have burp cloths, wipes, and clean up stuff ready! And please make sure baby has been well lotioned – their skin loses moisture much quicker than ours and any dry skin will show in the images – this will minimize retouching for you.
  • Be prepared to fall even more in LOVE with your baby. We all know how adorable they are when they sleep, but don’t be surprised if it takes them awhile to settle into “relaxed model mode.” They typically aren’t used to being handled this much. Often I hear: “ They aren’t normally like this. Normally they sleep so well.”  Well, baby isn’t used to being repositioned every few minutes and posed.  But don’t worry – you’re going to be amazed.

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