Portrait Session FAQs


*Will we have time for a wardrobe change?

A full two hour session definitely has time for several wardrobe changes and will of course depend on how quickly the session is moving but can fit in 2-3 wardrobe changes, sometimes a fourth.  And then of course, a one hour session will only accommodate 1-2 wardrobe changes due to the shorter amount of time together.

*Can I reschedule if someone gets sick or it rains?

Of course!  I do typically require 24hr notice for things where you know someone will be sick and due to the finicky Vegas rain weather I will notify you that we will watch the weather.  I will reschedule if the location area is subject to flash floods, especially during monsoon season.  Your safety is always more important.

*Why can we not shoot at any location?

The term “Private Property” extends to many areas in this town and some such as certain casinos and inside casinos will not allow photography at all.  Other locations may have a photography policy that requires a permit fee and I will let you know if a location of interest does.  As a photographer, I strive to find beautiful locations for you but also maintain respect for the policies each location they may continue to be used.

*Why do you require a client agreement?

I do require a client agreement, yes.  This simply states that you know everything I will have already talked to you about and you are cool with it as well as actually protecting YOU.  Yep!  It protects you.  I pride myself in my service to you and make sure it is all there for you to know what you get from me and it also holds myself, the photographer, accountable for things like image delivery and timeframes.  Plus it has all your session information on it like date, time, location so it’s great in case you forget.


Getting your other half on board

Do discuss any budget you both might have in mind prior to the shoot so you can plan for prints or gallery wraps – I am always more than happy to send over a full pricelist.

Let them know that these are not just photos to you but something very more special and it is about you both as a couple and/or your family, and making sure you have these moments forever to look back on later – or just tell them how much it would mean to you.

Make planning what you are going to wear to the session an intimate event. You can schedule a date with one another to go pick out new outfits followed by dinner and a movie or you can be playful and have your own mini at home fashion show for one another (possibly having the kids with grandma and grandpa or at a sleepover that night if you have them).

Reward your partner for taking the time to do this for you – let’s face it – it’s usually one person’s idea more than the other and you don’t want them to feel dragged to it. Offer them a night out with friends, a special dinner, or whatever your imagine throws at you and I will leave it at at.



After the session is where your images will get to shine!  You will of course get a print release so you can print your images for all the years to come, but you can also order some pretty amazing things directly from your gallery!


I do offer the standard luster prints in select sizes but I truly believe in showcasing your images as art. Specialty prints like metallic prints with flakes of metallic in the actual print that are gorgeous for bright color prints and black & whites.  Mini polaroid snapshots just like those nostalgic square polaroids we remember as kids on beautiful photographic paper.  Or go top of the line with museum archival prints on paper from a company that has been around for over 400 years with 80-200 year safe inks, hand cut and sealed with a protectant against UV rays, dirt, dust, fingerprints, and moisture!

And new this year! Print Packages!




Wardrobe Tips

Probably the most common question I hear. Whatever you want! I do recommend that casual is better for family sessions, but it is your vision for your photos.  I will always be happy to answer any wardrobe specific questions you may have.  Family photos do not have to be matchy-matchy but I do recommend coordinating or complementary colors with a similar feel.  You don’t want someone formal and another person super casual.  Here are some ideas:
  • Bring a couple different outfits!
  • If in doubt, neutrals always photograph beautifully and look great on everyone.
  • Try matching your eye color, it is an amazing trick!
  • Think about where you would be hanging the photos in your home and try to compliment the colors and tones in those areas.
  • Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns; try coordinating a complementary color palette without being matchy or having any large logos.
  • Men: Do wear dress shoes!! Shows will appear in some photos and sneakers can take away from the photos.
  • Layers work well, especially in the fall or winter; layers can be shed to create different looks.
  • Avoid seasonal colors like red and green together unless the photos are going to specifically be for a holiday.
  • Collared shirts look great on men, wear a button down or a polo as they draw attention to the face.
  •  Have everybody wear white
  • Try to avoid baggy clothing and choose something a little more fitted without being too tight to flatter your body.  
  • Don’t over spray tan immediately prior to your session – you want to look natural.
  • And finally, please iron any clothing that tends to wrinkle prior to your shoot   and hang on a coat hanger in the car to prevent further wrinkling; we are not a laundry service and will not iron your clothes for you in person or in Photoshop 

           If in doubt, you can always send me examples of what you’re planning on wearing.


General Tips for a great Session

  • Definitely bring a couple snacks and water for the kids, even yourself if you are prone to get hungry every hour (like me).
  • Bring bribery, it works wonders and is great as an immediate gratification reward for kids to show them how well they did in the session.
  • Your child’s binky or favorite toys/ stuffed animals – they can help make a child relaxed and you will probably enjoy remembering it later. 
  • The most important thing is to relax and enjoy yourself/selves.
  • Do not worry if your child or baby cries – as a photographer I see this often and usually it only bothers the parent. If you relax and have fun kids tend to pick up on this.
  • Be prepared to be a clown. I love when parents bring out their inner silly to help their children laugh and smile – you will see me be a total doofus to get a smile. 
  • Often, if parents don’t want to bring bribery and risk getting messy, have a code word prepared like “ice cream” to help keep kids, even hubbies, focused and motivated.
  • And forget any idea of the “perfect” photo you have in mind, your family is perfect in its own way and we will be trying to capture the essence of that at that point in your family’/child’s life.
  • If you are concerned that the kids won’t be interested in the session as much as you, make it something fun they can look forward to – tell them how much fun it is going to be and how cute they are going to look.
  • Let the kids have fun and select one outfit that they would like to wear to the photo session or help them. With this option you can make it a fun dress up game and have them model for you or if they pick out their own outfit, even for only a couple shots, remember this is part of your child and I guarantee you will get images that you will love having forever.

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