Welcoming October & Saying Goodbye to September


It’s the 2nd of October and I have been itching to write this post for two days now.  Technically it should probably be two posts but I am just too eager to share all this with you all!  There is tons going on in the world of of my photography business and I couldn’t be more excited (mixed with a little nervous energy but that I would guess is natural.)
Photo courtesy of Kelly Rae Roberts

To fill you all in I have been taking Kelly Rae Roberts e-course Flying Lessons – there is a whole blog post lost in limbo on my desktop that is stuck in the house I am currently moving out of so I will post it as soon as my other Mac heart half returns home.  But briefly it is an amazing soul changing and growing experience that I am having the privilege to share with what I believe is now over 500 people! Yep I said it – 500+ people so it is a LOT to keep up with daily.  There is where I gathered up the strength to say goodbye to my previous blog and move on up to a big-girl’s blog as I am embracingly calling it.  I am also letting go of all those years of AP English and simply hitting that justify button for formatting as I know it is easier on the eyes :). 

I also have to admit that I will changing up the formatting on my blog slightly – adding a little more personal touches, besides those I already share with you on the background stories of sessions I do but also, personal projects; their inspirations and roots, personal bits of what inspires me and so on so I hope you all will enjoy the new additions.  I will even touch more on this all later with you guys 🙂 so stay tuned.

So with all that I am saying goodbye to September, which is also an end to the September offer, and I am embracing October with open arms and all it has to offer!  I LOVE October – it is probably one of my favorite months absolutely!  It welcomes fall with all it’s greatness: temperatures begin to drop, leaves begin to change color, and though I love those long days long shadows creep in earlier which is the flashing neon light that the holidays are coming, that family moments and great meals are ahead,  nights of comfort food or crockpot dinners (don’t mock ’em they’re amazing!), warm nights and fireplaces, rainy days that are the perfect excuse to hunker down and work in front of an all day movie marathon, and my absolute favorite…boots, more boots, cute coats, and scarves for all that wind.

Yes I love the wind; I am originally from Los Angeles where every year in October (though the news always makes it seem like some new natural disaster lol) we get what are called the Santa Ana Winds: bitter cold (well for Cali) at times but they will knock you straight over! And I love them!  Thank goodness we get wind like that in Las Vegas or I would leave in a heartbeat lol – slight over exaggeration? Hmmmm….perhaps (or not).
Well…. to share my love for the month I am reviving the chance to win 50% off ANY session.  All ANYONE has to do is read or glance through the session packages.  A month ago I added 3 new sessions – thus why there are 3! chances to win 50% off! Totally awesome!  After glancing through the sessions just take a guess, yep it just takes a guess at what one of them is! (even if you are not familiar with it – why not?)  And if you don’t live in the greater Los Angeles area or Las Vegas but know someone who does, share it with them! You can always guess and “gift” the session to someone as well. Hmmm what a great gift idea for the holidays! *wink -wink*.  Anywho… just post in the comments below which session of the 3 is new and I will announce winners as soon as they are all guessed!  Hint: they are fun sessions!
I’ll wrap it up here to leave it lingering but I will be back this week to share some more with you all and to announce the winner of the 100 Likes Drawing that was held on Facebook.  And I promise I will try my best to get a more set blogging schedule for you all.
On that note… I hope you all welcome October with me and don’t forget to let me know what session you think is new!
Peace & Love,
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